New registration process!

New registration process!

(mahalo for your patience as we switch web hosts) 

Please register through email to or by texting 808 635 4980


Autumn 2019 start dates  -  August 28th and 29th

 The "Flute" Song Collection!

August tuition including *materials:

10 classes $190 

(2 children $290) 

*Your tuition includes 10 classes, a beautifully illustrated songbook, a professionally recorded CD and downloads of the current collection, and a code to access the Music Together® "Family Fun Zone" for access to fun activities and other content. Classes include parent education to help adults understand and enhance their child's music development. Families will also receive a quarterly e-newsletter and access to the informative national website. 

Soulgood Music Together reserves the right to cancel and/or combine any class with insufficient enrollment. All efforts will be made to provide families with alternative classes. If a suitable option is not found, families in cancelled classes will receive a full refund. 

Cancellation/refund policy: there is a $25 non-refundable deposit for all classes. If you withdraw before the first day of the semester, you'll receive a refund of your tuition minus the deposit.  If a cancellation is made after the first class has met, the cancellation fee is $50.  If a cancellation is made after the second class has met, you forfiet 50% of the tuition feel.  No refunds will be given after the third class has met.  Like most programs, we do not refund or give credit for classes missed during the semester, even if absences have been frequent (See our makeup policy below). However, at the discretion of the director, partial credit may be provided towards future classes in cases of prolonged absence due to illness or other unusual circumstances which can't be controlled.

Payment: We accept checks and cash, but your registration is not confirmed until we receive your FULL payment.

Make-ups: We build in spaces for makeups in most of our classes and families may make-up three missed classes on a space-available basis. Make-ups are a courtesy we extend to our families, they are first come/first served, and we are not able to guarantee that every family will be able to make-up every missed class.  


Policies and Guidelines


  • Tuition payments can be made with cash or checks in class or through Venmo

  • Please make checks out to “Soulgood Services LLC”

Timely arrival: Please make every effort to arrive with a little time to get settled before your start timeThe magic and excitement of the opening name song “ritual” is very important to your precious little one(s)! Starting all together is really important for the cohesion of the class, as well as for the following class!

If you are late, just come right in and join!

Behaviors- Safe and respectful behaviors are expected in and around the classes at all times. If there is an action or behavior that seems overly disrupting, distracting, or dangerous, the action or behavior must be addressed by the parent/caregiver immediately. All adults shall be expected to feel free to assist in redirecting these behaviors in a sensible and respectful way. If these actions and behaviors are not able to be redirected quickly, the parent/caregiver is expected to remove their child from the session for a break.

Clothing- All children must be clothed during the entire time that they are in the classroom.  

Cleanliness- All should arrive clean and free of strong perfumes and odors.

Healthy- All should arrive healthy please!!  If your child is sick with cold, flu, or something potentially contagious, please keep them home.

Makeup Policy: Each family will be allowed three makeup classes (may be demo classes) per semester. Please keep in mind that makeups do not carry over to future semesters and must be scheduled at least one day in advance.

Guest Policy: Visiting siblings or relatives who are children are welcome on an occassional basis. Soulgood Music Together reserves the right to limit the number of guests due to class size. Please call (808) 635 4980 if you will be bringing a visitor.

Toys Etc- Please try to leave toys or food of any kind in the car as they can become a distraction for the other children. We make exceptions for transitional objects and of course, bottles for infants. Nursing moms are welcome to nurse anytime.

Food and Drink- Eating is not allowed in the music circle, but if it seems necessary, it is perfectly fine for parents/caregivers/children to do a quick snack break away from the circle! Please return with clean hands (big and little).

Parent supervision- Parents/caregivers are expected to monitor and be responsible for their child's/children's actions and behaviors at all times.

Parent participation- Parents are expected to participate in the class and model the singing, movement and activities with their children. We realize that people have different comfort levels with this, and that we all participate in our own way. Your child(ren) will absorb and benefit from this program so much more if the “grownups” stretch their comfort zone, get a little silly, and engage in the experience! Have fun! 

Questions and Concerns- Please talk with, call, email, or text us with any questions or concerns. Your communication of any issues, questions, or concerns is crucial. We are all in this together!

With warm aloha and gratitude,

Jeremy Brown
Director/Teacher- Soulgood Music Together
(808) 635-4980

Aimee Brown 

Teacher- Soulgood Music Together

(808) 482 0294