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"Our daughter tried singing harmony the other day when I was singing Husha My Baby, she started singing Sou La Li!  She said 'you sing Husha Mommy'.  I can't even begin to express how our daughter has blossomed from the class.  It is amazing!  She bursts into song all the time and we are always singing the songs.  It truly makes our life richer and more fun.  Hooray!" -Anne

"Soulgood Music Together, with Aimee and Jeremy, is such an enriching and wonderful music program to be a part of.  It is engaging for the whole family. We look forward to music class every week!" - Staci 

"I can see with my eyes and feel with my heart the love, smile, and joy that music brings.  As the mother of a child with special needs, your classes have helped me feel more comfortable, and more at peace within my community, which has been healing in every way." - Luci

"Aimee and Jeremy are a talented husband-wife team sharing their musical voices and wisdom with our keiki and ohana alike.  We are so grateful for the musical talent and playful energy they bring to each class.  My children smile ear to ear when attending each class and carry the musical lessons of rhythm and song with them long after class is over.  Mahalo, Jeremy and Aimee for your consistent musical contribution to our keiki and community!"

-Genna, Max, Ayva, and Rayna